Thursday, February 27, 2014

Quilting A Little

Hi Stampers,

I am sorry I haven't been around to stamp much. I've been sending cards. Just not stamping. I even ordered new products. I'll try to get something posted next week.

I have been busy though. Look what I've been up too!  My girlfriend started quilting for the first time last year and she got me so inspired, I had to get back into it. Problem is, no one tells you it's addicting!!
Your house gets a little messy from not cleaning and spending so much time in your quilting/sewing room, your hair has more bad days than good. :)  At least that's what's happened to me. LOL

So here's a couple projects. The flips flops are from Love of Quilting magazine May/June 2008.
The truck panel is from Edwards Sewing Center in Fort Wayne, IN. If you purchase there, please tell them you heard about them from my blog. I know they would appreciate it.

The I spy is for my grandson. I've been wanting to make one for oh, 14 years now. Was suppose to be my daughters but she got a bug jar quilt instead. I'll attach a photo of that later.

Right now, take a peek at the stuff I've been sewing. :D

As always, please ask me any questions that you may have.