Saturday, May 4, 2013


Hi Stampers,

Today I'd like to share my craft table. This is very special to me because my husband helped me build it. The color is a close match to Stampin Up's Certainly Celery.

The plans can be found here:

My counter top is called Crayon and I purchased it from Menards on sale.

The height of my table is 33 3/4" high including the counter top.

The counter top piece is approx 38 3/4"  x 56 3/4."

Now storing on the sides are photos on one end and magazines on the other. I originally wanted some cute little knickknacks on the inside but yeah...that didn't happen. LOL

I am really loving my craft table. It holds the Martha Stewart turn style you see in the above photo (now full of stuff), it also holds my Stampin Up turn style ink pad holder. My husband cut out two rounds and put a spinner in the middle (to act as a lazy susan type spinner) in order for me to turn my inks more easily.

My stools are square and have about a 3" top cushion. Really comfy and from Target no less. :) Like $20.

I've been picking up cute baskets at half off from Hobby Lobby in order to put some of the things that I use everyday beside me without them being knocked off into the trash. My acrylic blocks for starters, then some ink pads that don't fit on my organizer, a cute little bucket (that we painted Satin Apple Green, also Menards) to hold my prisma color pencils.

I do have a handy white storage cart from Michael's as well.,default,pd.html?start=28&cgid=products-scrapbooking-storage

It serves as my adhesive holder, pop-dots and hole punch holder, various odds and ends holder. This works really well as I needed more space to hold my stuff other than the top of my table. The cart is tall so that everything is easily accessible too. I also stuff my embossing gun into the top of it when I'm done.  I will take photos and update you as I clean up my mess. LOL

My table top is very versatile. It's large enough to hold a self-healing cutting mat incase I need to cut some fabric really quick for a project. I love it because there is enough room for my stamping grid on the opposite side without having to put it away. The two turn-styles sit on the outside center. Does that make sense? :D lol

Well, there you have part of my room. I will show off the rest later as I clean it. Coming up next, drawers and desk tops from Ikea and a carpentered cabinet storage wall and the cool slat wall from Menards.  Hint, it's already white and very inexpensive. :)

Enjoy crafting Stampers!