Monday, January 6, 2014

Repainted Hutch

Hi Stampers,

I don't have a card to share today. Rather a winter project we took on last year. :D

I bought the hutch from craigslist (locally - home owner).

The steps are pretty easy.

First, use a palm sander and 150 grit sand paper. Next, use 200 grit sand paper to smooth it out.

Second, prime it with a stain blocker primer (oil-based).  Any good primer from a quality paint shop will work. Sand it again with 150 grit after being primed to smooth it out once more. If some of the primer comes off the corners, don't be alarmed, this won't hurt the next coat of paint. (paint not primer).

Third, use a good quality paint from a quality paint shop and most important, use a good quality brush.
This will help eliminate brush stroke marks.

My paint came from Menards, around $18 for the gallon. I used floetrol in my paint to help with the brush marks. Be sure to use very little or else your paint can get too thin.

This hutch is going in my sewing room so it didn't have to be dining room perfect.

I had a carpenter put the blocks of wood in to make the cubbies and he made the new doors that are there too.

Have fun redoing your furniture!

We are under 13 inches of snow. I won't be going anywhere! I'll be crafting and stamping a lot though. :D