Wednesday, January 21, 2015


Hi Stampers and Stitchers,

I am making a visual stimulation quilt for my new grandson. I wanted to know what sizes to make the blocks so that all of the pattern on the material could be seen very well.

I used the cardboard from a 12" x 12" tablet of scrapbook paper, a six inch omni-grid ruler, and a rotary cutter to cut out my square in the center of the cardboard. The 6" sized block will work perfectly for this quilt so I will use the 6 1/2" ruler to allow for seam allowance.  I also used a paper punch to punch a hole in the corner of the template so that I could save it for future use. I made several of these for different sizes. 

I will keep you posted on the blocks and the measurements of this quilt. I hope that you find this information helpful for future projects, i.e. quilting, sewing, crafts, stamping, scrapping, etc.

Enjoy and as always, please ask me any questions you may have.

Enjoy your week!