Tuesday, January 13, 2015


Hi Stampers and Stitchers,

I've been busy creating blocks for our little group swap. I've made 3 blocks this year so far. Next I will make my block called cardtrick.  It's pretty cute!

The first block is called Betty's Delight, the second is called Birdhouses, (it was paper pieced) and the third block is called Depression.

Next I have 2 blocks left to sew on my memory quilt of my Mom's passing!  She loved blue!  I started this is 2002 but quit quilting because it was too hard for me. I needed time to grieve. It's been almost 13  years and it's still hard sometimes.  I will post the top when it is finished.

When that's done, I'd like to start stamping some more. :)  I miss it.

We have had bitter cold weather here in IN and now snow. I've been shut in for 3 days.   Our tractor broke yet to boot so it needs a new engine.   Better $1k than $5K.  Although I'm pushing for a new zero turn mower and a new barn!!

If you have any questions about the blocks please ask.